zWave based ADC Compatible Leak Sensors and other SWM150 Questions

Is there such a thing that can tie into automations for the SWM150 or are these added as a standard wireless “zone” device like a window sensor? I have the valve installed I need to activate Water Management PLUS to get the usage (what is the difference between water management and water management PLUS?)

I’m trying to add sensors that will also close the valve based on say a leak at the dishwasher or other appliance.

Also the blog for the SWM150 says it “automatically” detects a leak and shuts down if you’re away…but will let it go if your home (like a long shower) but how is that configured for the limits? I read only the dealer can see those limits?

No, Z-wave sensors are not used with the system. You would use an RF sensor compatible with your panel. So, for example if you have a 2GIG system you could use the 2GIG-FT6

I’m not seeing a Surety subscription tied to this username. I can assist with the account if you have your service through Surety.

Water Management Plus would need to be added by your current service provider.

Water Management Plus was created by ADC specifically for the SWM150 and its features. Both Water Management and Water Management Plus are required for that device. Your dealer may or may not support these features.

I read only the dealer can see those limits?

Yes, the dealer must adjust these values.

Thanks! This helps currently I have a very good local dealer but the valve/meter is new to him so we tend to work together for him to learn the new stuff. I do think it’s odd the Home Owner does not have access to the thresholds and settings…wonder why they did that.