Zwave add existing network, simon xt, hubitat, new 4g comm

recently add a 4g communicator (upgrade) to my simon xt and noticed the “add to existing network option” for zwave. i tried adding it to my Hubitat HUB and all the zwave relays/switches/thermostat disappeared from the simon xt,
nothing showed up on my hubitat hub.

how does this option work on the simon xt?
primary, secondary, do i add all the nodes to the hubitat then add the simon xt?
will they also migrate to
for now i factory reset the simon xt zwave and readded and setup my automations. weeeeeee. the hubitat hub is new to me and im still figuring it out. i really like the idea of local control instead of the cloud delay.

p.s. its so much fun resetting a dozen nodes, exclude, include, etc… :slight_smile:

Yes, when adding the module to an existing network that should set it as a secondary controller to the primary one.

Some hubs may not play nicely, but in general you would add all devices into the Primary hub (your Hubitat) and then add the module Z-wave as a secondary controller to the Hubitat. The Hubitat should be within a few feet of the Simon, and they should remain there until the device list is shared.

Devices that are compatible with the Simon should be shared over by the Hubitat. Compatible devices should then be visible in ADC. It may take 10-15 minutes for this to complete.

If you see the devices on the panel but not in ADC, log into your Surety System Manager and Sync Z-wave Devices.