What are the best zones for the following:

  1. Thin Window/door contact
  2. Motion detectors
  3. Recessed door entry
  4. CO2
  5. Smoke
  6. Heat
  7. Freeze
  8. Flood
  9. Tilt Garage door

I have several of each and not sure on the loop #

Each of those sensors within your system is considered a “zone”. Are you looking for which sensor type to program each of those zones as? If so, I usually recommend the following but it really depends on how you plan to use each sensor.

  1. Thin Window/door contact - Entry/Exit 1
  2. Motion detectors - Interior Follower
  3. Recessed door entry - Entry/Exit 1
  4. CO2 - 24 Carbon Monoxide
  5. Smoke - 24 Hour Fire
  6. Heat - 24 Hour Fire
  7. Freeze - 24 Hour Auxiliary (physical type Freeze)
  8. Flood - 24 Hour Auxiliary (physical type Water)
  9. Tilt Garage door - No Response (used with ADC activity monitoring for notifications)

As for loop number, it depends on the specific module of sensor you’re using. Many sensors report on multiple loops for different functions. For example, the 2GIG thin door/window contacts report on loop 2 when you use a magnet with the built in reed switch and they report on loop 1 when you use a wired sensor connected to the optional pigtail that comes with them. The 2GIG recessed door contacts report on loop 1.

As Ryan said above, many of the zone type options can be utilized depending on how you want to use them. This may sound obvious, but any sensors going on your windows should most likely be programmed as perimeter zones. I just thought I would chime in and add that in case you weren’t aware.

I have tilt sensors on my garage doors. What is the best method to program the controller to tell you on the panel and mobile device that the door is open?

The best way is to set the sensor type to “no response type” in the 2GIG control panel programming and also set chime to “voice only” for that zone. Then make sure you have activity monitoring enabled for that sensor on the website. You’ll hear a voice announcement from the 2GIG panel when the garage door opens and the status will show on the app and website.

If you want a notification when the garage door is left open then go to the Notifications tab in the website and create a “sensor left open” notification. Or if you prefer you can create a notification for every time the garage door opens.