Z-Wave switch not showing up

Added new Zwave switch to my exterior lights. The switch is showing up on my 2gig panel but not on my account. Could you please provide assistance in resolving this error?

Thanks for your time!

Hey! No Problem.

Ran a refresh command and your account is showing a z-wave dimmer now. Is this the switch you were referring to or is it a different switch?

Thanks for the reply and refresh command, but there are two switches that are on my Zwave network. The one you’re noticing has always been there, its the new one that I’m not able to show up on ADC.

Node 4: Multi-level power switch by Jasco Products (This is the one not showing up)
Node 5: Garage Exterior Light (This is the one listed on ADC account)

Attached is the pic of Z-Wave switches on my 2gig panel. I have three more switches that I have to install soon.

Both nodes you are reporting are showing on the Alarm.com equipment list. Do you not currently see node 4?

Thanks for looking into this issue, I came across another post that said to do a cell phone test and it should push the switch to the ADC account, in which it worked. I just installed another switch and the cell phone test pushed that switch almost immediately to my account.

I remember when setting up the other switch last year, I was able to adjust the percentage of light that from the ADC account. Did that option go away? I don’t see it under Lights & Appliances or under Rules. When under the switches and dimmers, it has a slide option to adjust the power output but once I adjust it and change screens, it defaults back to full power.

Thanks again!

Dimmer level can be set in rules by selecting “DIM” action, rather than “Turn On” when creating a rule for a dimmer.

Are you setting the dimmer to “On” in the website? Keep in mind ADC will not know status of the light immediately. Light status is handled by the panel (if compatible) as a work-around to a Lutron Patent.

If you set a light to a dimmer level in the website, does that light appropriately change?