Z-wave switch not showing up on Alarm.com site

I recently learned in a couple of Zwave receptacles into my panel and one of them is not showing up on alarmdotcom site. How do I fix this issue. I even tried to remove and re install the switch but the panel would not let me delete it… Please help!

If the z-wave device is showing up on the 2GIG panel but not on Alarm.com then it’s just a matter of getting Alarm.com to synchronize with your panel. We can do this synchronization for you from the Alarm.com back-end but if you run a cell phone test from your 2GIG panel, that will usually cause it to synchronize with Alarm.com as well and then you don’t even have to wait for us to help.

When you say the panel would not let you delete the switch, what exactly do you mean? If you put the panel in “Remove Devices” mode and then activated the learn feature on the switch but the panel never showed a device had been removed then it’s possible the switch had not successfully been added to the control panel in the first place. Also, another way to remove devices is to unplug the z-wave device and then use the “Check Network” button on the control panel. It will tell you that the device is not responding and ask you if you want to remove it.