Z Wave seitch turns offwhen manually turned on

I have a GE Z Wave switch controlling two exterior lights on my garage. It is set to to turn on when one of three outdoor motion sensors are tripped for 10 minutes. This works fine, my ussue is that when turning on the poghts with the switch they turn off after a few minutes.

Is this normal behavior? Can I not have both normal manual control and rules set?

If you trigger the rule it’s going to function the way the rule is written regardless of manual switch activity.

So for example, if you manually turn on a light, but a rule would turn out the light 10 minutes after activity, if activity happens then the rule will turn that light off.

Manually controlling a switch does not pause or override a rule, just turns on the switch.

That makes sense, so it’s turning off because a motion sensor is being tripped. Thank you.