Z-Wave rules not working

Have Z-Wave rules set up to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. This has been working flawlessly for over a year. In the past couple of weeks this has not been working. I tried deleting and adding the rule again, but no luck. I can turn on the lights from the app so there is not a problem with communication. Any ideas?

There are many threads on this. Many are complaining that empower rules are not working properly.

Some of us have fixed it by deleting and re-adding the rule, others have had the rules rebuilt by ADC.

Apparently there was a major update pushed, and there were issues, and now rules are hit and miss

That’s so disappointing. My rules have been hit and miss as well. I could understand if it was an open infrastructure where there were 3rd parties involved, then I’d understand the possibility of problems occurring and you’d have to wait for a collaborative effort to resolve the issue. As I’ve experienced with a few issues on Wink.

I’ve wished Alarm.com was more open so we could impliment things using IFTTT, or I could use things like Google’s Voice command on my phone to control the system (can control most home automation things using tasker, autovoice, and wink).

The excuses I’ve received are that they are a closed environment for the security our systems, and to guarantee problems don’t arise (so they can guarantee quality of service).

So for issues like rules randomly functioning properly… just disappointing…

So how do we go about having the rules rebuilt by ADC? I find it tiring that I am paying a monthly fee for something I could build in house. I might start pulling everything out of ADC and putting it into vera/smartthings if this doesn’t improve.

Rules have been rebuilt for this account. Please let us know if issues persist.

The lights did not turn on. I had to use the app to turn them on. Please advise.

Alarm.com is in the process of fixing the sunset rules.

Since rules were sent, one thing would be to make sure to power cycle the panel, I do not see a hard reset command among the string. Typically this is required. However, you may still notice issues with sunset/sunrise rules specifically until that update is ready. I’ve been contacting Alarm.com about this. I expect to follow up again tomorrow.

If you still are having problems, one thing that worked for me was to split each rule in 2 independent rules…one to turn on the device and one to turn it off.

In my case devices were turning on, but never turned off.

They were still not working. I ended up deleting the rules, and have them turn on at a certain hour and turn off at a certain hour. It seems to be something with the sunset/sunrise rules.

Thank you for updating. When was the last time you tried the sunrise/sunset rule? If anyone is still seeing issues with sunrise/sunset or other rules, please let us know. Alarm.com will be looking into each account for resolution.