Z-Wave/RF Issue

I have 3 devices that keep popping up an icon with a warning. One of them is the thermostat, which is maybe a few feet away from the devices. I did a Check Network and it went away, but now it’s back.

Have you made any changes to the devices? Has an appliance module been unplugged? As a mesh network, a few devices may rely on a particular signal route, so if a particular repeating device has failed you may see a few devices report supervisory malfunctions.

Check network will only check if a device is currently reachable.

To repair a network and remap Z-wave communication routes you’ll want to use Rediscover Network. This video shows how to do so on a 2GIG Panel. Does that resolve the issue? Or does that leave one device as malfunctioning?

I went through and found two Z-Wave devices I didn’t realize were on the system. I remember trying to add one device in January/February. It had made two devices.

I removed those, tried Check Network and Redsicover Network. I am still getting an RF issue now with the Thermostat. I can click on Z-Wave and Thermostat and get device status, but the panel still tells me it is failed and Alarm.com is now telling me the Thermostat is malfunctioning.

I do see a malfunction on the thermostat on Alarm.com currently.

To resolve, let’s try removing and adding the thermostat back:

Services > Z-wave > Wrench Icon > Remove Device, then on the Tstat press Menu > Mate twice.

After it is removed from the panel successfully, re-add:

Services > Z-wave > Wrench Icon > Add Device, then the same on the Tstat, Menu > Mate twice.

Run a network rediscovery.

Can you then send commands from Alarm.com and get updated device info? Does the malfunction come back?

I did those and tried sending a command. I noticed in the app the Thermostat says Updated: July 13, 2:36pm

I’m seeing the thermostat was removed, I’m not seeing it back on your Alarm.com account yet though. You’re likely seeing the old instance. Try logging out and logging back in.

An equipment request does not get any new info from the panel and thermostat is still not showing up. Do you have it removed currently?

I see what you mean now on the web. My phone was showing it as there. I do have it on the 2Gig panel. They seem to be synced. Still getting a Failed Device error, but when I click on Z-Wave > Thermostats > Thermostat > it acquires device state.

There may be a couple issues in this case, I still do not see the panel reporting that a thermostat is learned in. Typically this means the learning process was not fully successful.

How far is the thermostat from the panel? If further than about 8-10 feet, you may want to unplug the panel, remove the panel from the wall, and run it on battery. Then bring it within a few feet of the thermostat and try the removal and re-addition process again leaving the panel close to the T-stat until it has been re-added and the panel states the type of device that has been found.

The thermostat itself may be having a Z-wave radio issue or may not be responding to certain status requests. You can try resetting the thermostat using the button at the top left under the plastic terminal cover.

That fixed it. I took pictures of the setup screens before resetting it to make sure I didn’t unset anything.

After removing from 2Gig, resetting and re-adding, it’s back on the site, no RF error and I was able to send a remote command. :slight_smile: