Z-wave remote & IQ Panel

I know none is listed on the official compatibility list, but is there a z-wave remote that will work as a secondary controller with the IQ Panel? I have a couple of Z-wave devices that I would like to control independently of the ADC app and thought a z-wave remote like the GE 45600 would be a viable solution; however, I cannot get the 45600 to pair with my IQ Panel.

Has anyone successfully paired a z-wave remote control with the IQ?

Firmware 1.6.1 allows the IQ Panel to be a secondary controller, and it looks like the GE 45600 can be a primary controller, so you may be in luck.

In order to do so you would clear all z-wave devices off of your IQ panel, learn them all into the remote, then Add/Remove Controller on the IQ panel to learn it into the Remote’s network.

I forced the patch to upgrade the firmware to 1.6.1. The GE 45600 is now my primary controller and the IQ is secondary. It’s a shame that the smarter controller has to be secondary to one that is so basic, but that’s what worked.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction, Jason.

What about the aeon minimote. I recently set it is as a secondary controller with my panel. It had four buttons. I set two of the buttons up to turn two scenes on and off.