Z-Wave Maximum limit?

I just added 3 more Z-Wave light switches in my house for a total of 6 lights. I previously had 3 Z-Wave switches in the house. When installed and added the 4th switch to the 2GIG panel it worked fine and was detected in the alarm.com user interface. After added the last two switches they connect to the 2gig control panel but don’t show up in the alarm.com user interface.

Is there a maximum on how many switches can be controlled though the alarm.com user interface?

the 2gig gc2 panel supports 232 zwave devices

There isn’t an artificial limit on Alarm.com. Often it takes a while for new Z-wave devices to show up, so commonly expect a delay.

You can run a cell phone test to try to speed up the sync. If suretyDIY is your provider and you notice a large delay let us know and we can request an equipment update.

I went ahead and requested an update for you, it looks like a couple new lights showed up on the account. Can you verify all are showing now?

Thanks Warren.

I did test the cell phone connection thinking that would help but it did not. However your request to update the hardware did.