Z Wave malfunction

All my devices just started losing connection to the Z-Wave Network. Z-Wave seems to be functional on the panel but none of the devices are working. Any idea what I could try?

Did you have a power outage or cut power recently?

To begin troubleshooting, reboot the panel by navigating to Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot. Wait 5 minutes after the panel boots back up and test both locally and remotely. Any change?

I think it might be my whole home energy meter. I took that off the network and things seemed to start working. It is the aeotec 2nd generation energy meter. It was the first thing to show as malfunctioning a couple weeks ago, I unpaired it and repaired it, and then everything worked. I thought nothing of it Until today. Everything started to just malfunction on the network. After unplugging the battery and powering down my panel things showed as working but quickly started malfunctioning. At that point I deleted the power meter from the network. Things immediately went back to working. Have you heard of this device causing problems on a Z-Wave Network? Any idea on what I could do to get it to work? Thanks.

4 years ago there was a confirmed issue with the home energy meter and the IQ Panel 2, or more specifically with the Z-wave software, where the HEM would interfere and essentially accidentally jam the network.

Qolsys released a Z-wave update for the IQ Panel 2+ to try to work around it. That exact same version issue wouldn’t apply here, but a similar problem may be occurring.

If you leave the energy meter disconnected for a couple days does the network remain stable?

I thought that it was my problem but devices have began malfunctioning even with the power meter disconnected and removed from the z Wave network. I tried pulling the battery and turning the power off and that didn’t work. Lost for ideas besides a total reauthorizing of each z Wave device, then maybe total factory reset. Any other ideas?

It looks like the energy meter is still in the device list with an install date of 5/3. Can you try deleting that device from the panel so it is no longer in the panel device list, then reboot the panel. Do you still see issues after that?

Not seeing it in the device list but still keep losing all my z Wave device.

Looking at your malfunctions history I don’t see all Z-wave devices with a malfunction, but rather a group of about half of them. And I see roughly the same group of 6 or 7 devices all showing a similar malfunction event at the end of February.

Coincidentally I see most of that same group of devices not responding to a link quality test I just sent.

This may suggest that those devices all communicate to the panel through a common repeating node.

Can you power cycle the Thermostat on your system? It looks like it is a common node for most of the ones I am seeing with malfunctions.

Are any of your z-wave devices plug-in modules? If so, can you check whether any of those are on switched circuits? This can happen if a common repeater is switched off within a network.

What is the best way to reboot a alarm.com t2000 thermostat? Pull the batteries for 5 minutes? As far as plugged in devices that get switched off the only 2 would be my dehumidifier and my workout ac. I actually had removed the dehumidifier plug from the wall this winter(forgot about it until today when you mentioned it). The other is ‘ac workout’ that I sometimes move to a different circuit branch to avoid overloading circuit.

Edit: I just checked the dehumidifier and it was plugged in.

Yes, you can pull off the thermostat and pull the batteries.

The other is ‘ac workout’ that I sometimes move to a different circuit branch to avoid overloading circuit.

This can be a cause of problems like this. Moving a repeater device not only affects its signaling but since it is a mesh network it causes any devices using it as a repeating node to have potential signal problems too.

Can you run a network rediscovery now and see if the symptoms improve? Step 3 in the link below.

When I move the ac. Z-Wave to a different circuit, I use a extension cord, so it actually doesn’t move it from the spot it is located. Just changes the circuit.

When doing a rediscovery of my network, I realized that I was getting an error on my porch temperature sensor. It is the older version of the alarm.com remote temperature sensor. I’m not sure the model number. I went ahead and deleted that from the network and re-added it. I am still unable to refresh a network. I wonder if this was the thermostat that you referred to earlier. Even after re-adding the device to the network, I am getting this error on the temperature sensor "Device Nodeid 41 is in sleep mode. Press any button on the device to wake device and reperform rediscovery’. Once hitting the button I was finally able to get it to ReDiscover.

Once hitting the button I was finally able to get it to ReDiscover.

That is actually normal for that particular device.

The Remote Temp Sensor is an NWI only device, it learns its routes only during pairing and does not participate in rediscoveries. All the other devices would though.

Pressing the button on it manually wakes it.

The device I was referring to as the thermostat looks like it should be an ADC T2000. The RTS is not a repeater, but the ADC T2000 on AC power is.

One week without any z Wave malfunction. Going to add back the energy meter and see what happens.