Z Wave Lock

My Schlage z wave lock was locking and unlocking with my key fob when the system was disarmed and armed and the system would arm and disarm when the code was entered into the lock until recently, now it has stopped working. I have tried removing the device from the 2GGIG panel and re installing it, removing all rules and re installing them, removing all users and re entering them and it still will not work. I am able to lock and unlock from the mobile app and PC.

Thanks in advance,
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Based on what you have tried so far, the last thing we would recommend is a full power cycle of the 2GIG panel. If this has already been done, you will want to contact your dealer as they will be able to assist with additional troubleshooting and have access to empower commands to work on this issue. It doesn’t look like this account is associated with a suretyDIY subscription, but if you are a suretyDIY customer, please email customerservice@suretyDIY.com to request a rebuild of the system’s automation rules.

If you are not a suretyDIY customer, you will want to contact your dealer regarding the same.