Z-wave Lock not showing up in Alarm.com

Added new Z-wave lock and i see it enrolled on the controller but not on the web browser?

Happy to assist!

Commands have been run and I am currently seeing 4 separate z-wave locks, is this the right amount? If not, what is the name/node ID of the new lock that is not showing up in ADC?

Often a Cell Phone Test run at the panel will help push the sync, but if the panel does not push device data for a while, we can instead request an updated device list from the panel, which has been done.

Same customer here under different account. I ran a cell test and the lock still isn’t showing up on the alarm.com webpage or app. I think the reason is this. When I login into the panel I can see the lock but it says it is in “Unreachable” status. What should I do to resolve the “Unreachable” status that it is in?

How many locks in total should be visible?

Was the lock learned into the panel while it and the panel were in close proximity? Typically it is recommended to learn in locks and thermostats within about 6 feet of the panel.

General Z-wave installation tips can be found here.

5 locks should be visible on alarm.com but only 4 are showing. The lock and panel were about 60 feet away when they were learned in. Ok we’ll try relearning it in in close proximity and refer to the guide to linked to. Thanks!

The lock and panel were about 60 feet away when they were learned in.

That would almost certainly be the issue in this case.

Also, as a pre-emptive suggestion, having 5 locks and no repeating Z-wave nodes will likely cause trouble down the line with communication between locks and panel.

Battery operated Z-wave devices like locks typically need the assistance of AC powered repeating nodes like light switches or plug in modules in order to have solid communication, especially when multiple locks are present.

Also, make sure to run a network rediscovery after moving the panel/locks back to their installed locations. Network rediscovery on a Qolsys panel can be followed at the end of this video.