Z wave lock not communicating with Alarm.com app

I have a Z wave lock. If i check the status of it on my alarm panel. It is showing up correct if its locked or unlocked. However, on the Alarm.com app, it never updates and just always tell me the lock is locked. Even though the panel will show it unlocked. Anyway to somehow fresh my alarm.com account or something? No idea where I go from here.

Even if I pull the app down and refresh it, it still does not update it. It still shows it locked, even though I’ve dragged it down and it freshed it.

Refreshing the Alarm.com app is just going to load the latest info that has reached ADC servers. Based on your description, the issue here appears to be your panel is not relaying the status to ADC at all when it changes locally.

Looks like that is the only Z-wave device. How far from the panel is it, and how far was it when it was paired?

I see status updating in Alarm.com, but it looks like that only has been happening in conjunction with mobile app commands to the lock. Can you try locking and unlocking the door from the panel screen? Let me know when this is done and I’ll check what was received in history.

The Z wave lock is about 2 feet away from the panel. Before you asked me this question. I unlocked it a whole bunch of times on the app. The app does work and does lock and unlock it. It just does not accurately show its status. I when on my panel and i lock and unlock it. The app does update.

However, if its locked and shows unlocked. I do it manually (unlock) the panel DOES show it will go into unlock on the panel. However, locking and unlocking manually will not update the app. Even though it shows it on the panel.

I do not see a single instance in history of the lock being locked or unlocked via its number pad, so the panel is definitely not reporting that to ADC, though it is reporting when you control it via the panel screen.

What model of lock is this? Can you try sending a reboot command to the panel, wait a couple minutes for it to boot up, then try again? Reboot command can be sent through the System Manager.

Done, since reboot I am having a failure.

“Dual-Path communication failure- Cellular”

However, when I go into radio test, it all tests out and i have 4/6 signal strength.

Where do i go from here?

Error has gone away, however, issue is still there. Even thought the lock is unlocked, the app still shows locked. I think youre correct. Panel is not communicating to ADC.

I think youre correct. Panel is not communicating to ADC.

It looks like the cell network connection took a little bit to connect there, but the panel is communicating fine with all other statuses and the module is acknowledging commands quickly.

For some reason the panel is just not relaying that local lock activity to ADC. The next step I would perform is to delete the lock from the panel using Remove Device in the Z-wave menu. While the panel listens for devices to remove, press the lock’s pairing button. Then wait 5 full minutes, then add it back to the panel.

After adding it, please allow a couple minutes before interacting with it to make sure the lock is synced with ADC.

I did as you suggestion Jason. Still not updating on the app. What else can we do?

It looks like you are currently on 3.2.3 firmware. For the next troubleshooting step, please update to the latest 3.2.5 to make sure we are working with the latest firmware and test again. There are some lock related updates in that version. May or may not have an effect, but we need to be on the latest version to determine if it is a bug.

I updated the firmware to 3.2.5. I checked, the problem still exists.

Alright, can you confirm the model number and manufacture date of the lock?

There is usually a date code on the serial number label

Sure, 09/24/19, 99140-102. It communicates with the main panel, the panel just isn’t sending the updated information. I power cycled it. Do i need to remove the back up battery/power supply?

I power cycled it. Do i need to remove the back up battery/power supply?

Are you referring to the alarm panel? You’ve sent a reboot command to the panel, I don’t think an extended power removal would have an effect here, bu you can try that as well. Unplug the transformer, then the internal battery. Wait 5 minutes, then plug in the battery followed by the transformer.

I am going to reach out to ADC and 2GIG and see if there are any known issues with the GC3 and the Kwikset Convert lock model you provided.

I unplugged the transformer and internal battery and let it sit for 10 minutes. powered it back up and same thing.


2GIG reps suggested this is likely an issue with incompatibility, as they state that only the 910, 912, 914, and 916 are officially supported. Those are the push-button and keypad deadbolt and lever options from Kwikset.

The Convert is supported by ADC, but their ecosystem list is based on their own modules with Z-wave built in, used by DSC panels, GE panels, and System Enhancement Modules.