Z-Wave Lock Issue

I removed the lock and then added it again. It no longer updates from alarm.com even though I can lock it and unlock it from the panel. Do you have to update it ? I did a radio sync already and it’s been 3 days.

Happy to assist!

It appears that the Z-Wave Lock was not added properly.

First you will want to remove/clear the lock from the Z-Wave network at the panel. Once removed, then add the lock back in. Keep in mind, you will want to bring the control panel close to the lock during the process to ensure the sync is successful.

Once the lock has learned in, you will want to return the panel to its install point and run a Network Rediscovery at the panel. This is an important step to run whenever you have moved a z-wave device’s install point or remove/add a device as it maps out the best routes for commands along the mesh network.