Z-wave Lock draining batteries quickly

My door lock started draining batteries very quickly and nothing “appears” to have changed in my environment. I’ve re-seated the z-wave card in the door lock, and checked the battery contacts for corrosion, and that all seems good. Anything else I can check? I was going to check the network polling rates on my panel, but I’ve forgotten the access code. Is there anything else I can check on my end?

Anything else I can check?

If it happened recently I would bet money on this being a physical issue with the bolt/mechanism. Seasonal weather changes can swell and contract the door frame and affect the physical fit of the lock. If the lock is receiving resistance when extending and retracting, it will eat up batteries extremely quickly.

Try closing the door and without pushing on the door at all, allowing it to sit as it naturally would, throw the latch. Do you feel any resistance on the bolt? It should glide easily without any force. If it is hitting or grinding against the strike plate, this may be causing the issue.

Also check if the door has any play when closed. Can wind move it at all? If it can move out of alignment at all the deadbolt is likely grinding at times.