z-wave Light switches not executing rules

Setup a couple of z-wave switches, all work fine (on/off) with manual control. I have two setup for our front of house lighting.

On ADC I create a scheduled automation and select the two devices for everyday to be turned on at sunset, and off at sunrise. This will only turn one of the two devices on. If I create two rules and only point to one device in each, I have the same outcome. Is there something I am missing?

Also, I changed the rules last night and they seem to be following the old schedule, not the new one.

Up front I would suggest running a network rediscovery whenever a zwave communication issue occurs. When you say manual control, do you mean at the light switch or sending commands from your mobile app?

I did also have Alarm.com resend the lighting commands to see if it was an error in rule creation. Please check the behavior of the lights with respect to the scheduled automation.


By manual I meant from the app and/or website so it does not seem to be a communication issue.

Thank you for having them send the refresh. They both just turned on at “sunset”. I will update in the morning to validate they turn off.

Seeing as we often change the lighting schedule, do you have any advice if we see this behavior again?


This morning one of the lights was still on and shut off at “sunrise” which was as scheduled. The other light was shut off at some point last night which is odd as it was activated at “sunset” as mentioned in the post above. I will monitor again tonight and update tomorrow.


Thank you, please do. How long before sunrise did the one light probably turn off? I know you can’t give a definitive time, but I suppose how long did you notice it out until the second turned off? Is it possible someone manually switched off the light?

So I gave it two nights before posting this update. Since the refresh, The 1 light switch is following the sunrise/sunset schedule. The other light does not turn on/off at all…

In the past I have tried to edit my rule to only turn on the working 1 and create another to turn on the other, without success. As I am typing this, I can use the app/website to turn on off the light that is defined in the rule but not being activated.

Are there any other Zwave devices between the malfunctioning light and the panel? What is the rough distance between the two?

Also, how were these devices learned into the network? Did you learn them in with the panel in its permanent location or did you bring the panel to the Zwave devices?

I have a kitchen, front poorch, and side porch. The farthest away is the side porch, roughly 16 ft. I also have one one the second floor which is much further and works fine.

They were all learned in the same way with the panel in its permanent location.

It is strongly recommended that all Zwave devices are learned into the panel within at least 10 feet. The learning process can partially fail causing issues down the line.

Typically in this circumstance I would recommend the following steps.

  1. Delete the schedule. Wait five minutes.
  2. Create a new schedule for the device. Test.

If the above fails:

  1. Remove the device from your Zwave network.
  2. Re-add the device into your network with the panel a few feet away.
  3. It should have a new node ID number. Wait for Alarm.com to update status.
  4. Delete the old schedule.
  5. Create a new schedule for the (new) device.