Z-wave light switch options

I’m looking to get some single pole dimmer and non-dimmer z-wave light switches to go with my 2GIG Go Control panel. There does not appear to be any options on the Surety DIY store site (Did I miss them?). Any suggestions on a good brand?

Evolve or linear, or try the GE at your Lowes store (iris)

Here is the GE on a 2GIG system: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/48-How-to-install-GE-Jasco-(Lowes-iris-brand)-zwave-light-switchs


We only offer the Aeotec switches that mount behind your existing light switch but you can use just about any Z-Wave light switch with your 2GIG system. On/off switches are about the most simple Z-Wave device class there is and you don’t run into compatibility issues with them like you do with more complex Z-Wave devices such as door locks.


We find the Aeotec switches to be the most flexible (it’s a single device that covers many cases) but depending on your situation and your needs another type of Z-Wave switch might work better for you. We just have to limit what we stock and support.