Z-wave issues

I have been having trouble with Z-wave devices not showing up online. I have tried resetting the z-wave controller on the 2GIG Go panel, but it is only showing 25 devices. My house has closer to 50. Is there some limit I am hitting? I had all of them online until a few days ago when I reconfigured the network. The 2GIG Go panel shows all the devices, as well as another controller I have. Making the 2GIG primary did not help.

2GIG’s official limit for z-wave devices is 232, but 50 is fairly robust amount of z-wave equipment. There are guide lines for how many of a specific type of device should be added to a panel, such as there shouldn’t be more than 5 thermostats since the schedules take up so much space, but the number of devices itself isn’t necessarily the issue.

What the number of devices could credit as a problem is if they were added quickly one after another and/or attempted to communicate simultaneously. It looks as though the panel has not been reporting all the information to Alarm.com for all the z-wave equipment, even though you’re seeing them all on the panel so this is possible here. In this case, you may need to remove the devices that are not showing up and re-add them.

This page on z-wave devices offers some additional advice.

Alarm.com does not impose a limit on the number of Z-Wave devices you can have, as you already know since you had them all showing up on Alarm.com before. When you said you reconfigured the network, do you mean you did a 2GIG “rediscover network” command or do you mean you add/removed devices? The problem is probably due to the sometimes long delay between Z-Wave devices being added to the panel and the panel informing Alarm.com about it. They don’t show up on Alarm.com right away as one might expect, especially when you add a lot of devices. Often you have to motivate 2GIG to send a new equipment list to Alarm.com by running a manual cell phone test or rebooting the panel.

Currently I only see one Z-Wave device on your account. Are the other 49 devices currently showing up on your 2GIG panel? If so, are they working? Can you control them all with your 2GIG panel? I requested an updated equipment list from your panel and I still only see 1 Z-Wave device on your account.

Thanks for the help. When you attempted the refresh I only had one device because I have been messing with it, did a reset and attempted a full network re-include (not fun).

I am in the process of including all the devices back to my panel. I noticed it only sends the last 2-3 devices after adding a few with a handheld controller and shifting the controller back to the panel. So right now it is showing a seemingly random number of 10 devices out of the 33 I see on the panel in the All Devices section. But looking at the list you can see when I shifted controllers (after adding node ID 4 & 5, then 6, 7 & 8, then 15, 16 & 17, then finally 32 & 33.)

Now that I know it is a syncing issue to the cloud, I can finish rebuilding my network in confidence. I was starting to worry it was some other issue with the new devices I’ve added.

Is there a way to force a refresh of all devices from my end? Should I ping this thread when I get them all added back (sometime Friday)?

Can you request a refresh of my devices now?

I’ve sent a request for a new equipment list. When adding new z-wave devices, remember as noted in the link I posted above, that patience is important because of the need to communicate and if you try to add them one after an other immediately it can create trouble.

I am not seeing the refresh yet. I rebooted the panel too.

What other controller are you currently using?

Is your 2Gig currently the secondary controller in your network?

(Also, I took a look at programming) The main issue here looks to be your Q79 in programming. This needs to be set to (3) for ADC remote access to Zwave equipment. This means that scenes are unavailable locally on the 2Gig panel but you will be able to access the devices through Alarm.com.

The primary controller is a Aeon Labs Minimote, which I have used from day one with this system.

The panel is currently the secondary controller. Even as the primary controller I haven’t had any luck getting all devices to show. Still showing a subset of 10, at one point this week it was 25 out of 48.

Did you change Q79? When I looked it was already 3 and hasn’t been changed by me.

I did not, which is interesting, as I am still showing (2).

As long as the 2Gig panel registers and can control your Zwave devices and your programming enables access, Alarm.com should be able to see them. My personal experience using the 2Gig panel as a secondary panel is primarily with Vera, which works quite well, and there shouldn’t be any reason this would work differently as far as I know.

I will work with Alarm.com on this and find out where the commands are getting hung up.

Has anyone considered there is a cellular communication issue?

  1. Zwave devices on panel not showing up on ADC.

  2. Q79 settings on panel not coinciding with what ADC shows in regards to Q79 settings.

Do you have a GSM2 or GSM6 module, a GCCDMV (is it roaming?), what is the signal strength? (Signal less than 15/31 may be a problem, less than 10/31 definitely an issue. Ideally you want a signal of 20/31 or higher)

When you do a remote arm/disarm, does it take longer than a few seconds? Do you get a notice that command was successfully received?

So are you running a GSM2 or GSM6 module and what is the signal strength reported by panel?

The devices are now showing up!

Signal strength fluctuates, and is around 10. Works well and fast for commands and notifications.

Oddly my Minimote controller is showing up as a controller / light on alarm.com for the first time. That is weird.

The signalling looks good on the account on its face. It looks like the requests simply took a long time to process because of the amount of data being pushed. I now see 25 devices on Alarm.com.

Can you check to see if these are the same 25 as before?

What are the types of devices you are still missing?

**** EDIT Spoke too soon. There are definitely more than 25 now, are all of them shown?

Signal strength fluctuates, and is around 10

10/31 is a very weak signal, and will result in cellular communication issues and drops, as well as intermittent connections.

What this means is panel communications to ADC may fail, and alarm events may not be received by ADC/central station

All 48 devices I expect are showing now. Thanks for all the help!