Z-Wave GD00Z-4 Garage Opener

I paired my GD00Z-4 opener with my 2gig controller and it worked the first time. I messed some things up and decided to re-pair it. I’ve hard reset the GD00Z-4 but when I try to pair it the 2gig unit goes in to an infinite “query” mode and ultimately doesn’t identify it.

A Z-wave device must be cleared from the network prior to being re-learned. When paired, the device saves its parent network info and the controller saves the device info.

The “Remove Device” process clears both the device from the controller and the network info from the device.

Services - Z-wave - Wrench - Installer Code - Remove Devices - Then press the learn button or button sequence on the device.

I should have mentioned that I have used the remove process multiple times but still wont work.

I was able to get it added but now I get a ‘status unknown’ message and the controller won’t show on app or alarm.com page.

There is often a short delay in a Z-wave device being added to a panel and the panel updating ADC with the new device, often a cell phone test will remedy this.

We’ve requested an updated equipment list and it looks like the garage is now showing up.

Status for a GD00Z-4 is determined by the linked tilt sensor. Make sure the tilt sensor is paired to the GD00Z-4 and open and close the door manually to send status. Does the status update on the panel?