Z-wave garage intermittent problems

A few weeks ago I installed a GoControl Z-Wave V3 garage door opener. I think I was at the limit with the signal due to when the garage door is shut the panel would report a malfunction. I then installed a z-wave light switch which is right next to the garage so it will function as a range extender. It is running better but I am still having issues. It seems that when I have the garage open the panel will talk to it directly and then when I close it I get an error for a few hours until it starts using the range extender again.
Is there a way to tell the system to always use the extender to talk to the garage or is it something that it has to learn?


Exact instructions will depend on your model of alarm panel, however you would need to make sure you run a Z-wave Network Rediscovery after the addition of any new Z-wave nodes.

A Z-wave network rediscovery will remap wireless transmission routes so that devices can use the new nodes as repeating nodes.

It looks like this is regarding a Qolsys IQ Panel 2. To run a Network Rediscovery you would go to Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Z-wave Tests > Rediscover Network

I believe I tried that but I will do the rediscovery when I get home to make sure.