Z Wave Dimmers with IQ panel 2

Good Morning everybody!

I had a quick question.

Can I buy any Lutron Z wave dimmer and it will be compatible with my Qolsys panel? Or can I only buy the compatible Z wave dimmers that are on the Qolsys website? I assumed I can buy and Zwave device and it will recognize it… I want to be sure before I drop any money.

Lutron devices are not directly compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. For dimmers, this list here would be the most up to date in regards to tested compatibility.

What is the make/model of device you are looking at?


Sorry I meant to say Leviton.

I’m looking at the DZ15S, I’m not a big fan of the one on that list.

When it comes to Z-wave device compatibility, generally you should stick to the confirmed compatibility list to ensure a device will work as intended.

Now, that said, Z-wave lights, on-off and dimmers, are very simplistic and are generally all functionally identical. It is usually harder to find one that wouldn’t work. I would expect the DZ15S to work fine.