Z-wave devices not showing up on alarm.com app

I have my 2gig GC3 set up as a secondary controller to my wink hub 2 and I’m able to control all my z-wave light switches from the 2gig panel fine but I don’t see these switches via my alarm.com Android app. I have tried couple things to fix it. 1) run the cell radio test, and 2) re-login into my alarm.com app.

Any idea why it’s still not synching to alarm.com ?


I’ve sent an equipment list update command and it looks like a number of new devices populated. You may need to log out and log back in to confirm.

Secondary Z-wave controller interactions can throw some unpredictable effects into the mix, but in general expect a short delay for devices to populate in ADC. If it takes longer than a couple hours though, it may be hung up and we’re happy to send an update command to try to sync the device list!

That did it! I see them now. Thanks!

Not a problem, happy to help out!

Jason, can you do another equipment list update on my GC3 panel?


An equipment list request has been run. Looks like a number of new devices are showing

I see them now. Thank you!

Can you please perform another equipment list request? Thanks.

One has been run, but I do not see additional devices, unless they have a node ID lower than the latest device which was added.

okay, added few more devices and I see them in GC3. Can you do another equipment list request, please? Thanks.

Looks like new devices are showing now on the account. Can you confirm?

Yes, i see them. thank you!