Z-wave Devices Missing

Empower devices (thermostat, lights) are not displaying in the app or website.

Happy to help! The related account on ADC it looks like all Z-wave devices report as having been deleted on 8/26/2018.

Were you performing any troubleshooting recently? Did you perform a “controller reset” in the Z-wave menu?

If not, are the devices currently visible on your panel?

I didn’t do any troubleshooting or reset. Just noticed one of the light schedules wasn’t followed, opened the app and they were gone.

I did look after I sent the above and none of my Z-wave devices are listed in the panel. I tried to add a couple back, but it wouldn’t find any of them.

Fyi, firmware V.1.10

I tried to add a couple back, but it wouldn’t find any of them.

If the panel’s Z-wave device list was errantly cleared, this would not clear the parent network link in the devices themselves.

Z-wave is a two-way communication method where both the device and the controller pair to each other. The devices must go through the “remove device” process even though they are not listed in the panel before they could be re-added.

Tap Remove Devices on the Z-wave menu and press the pair button/sequence on the Z-wave devices one by one. The panel will acknowledge a device has been cleared. Then you should be able to add them, assuming there are no issues with the Radio.

I was able to remove then add the devices back.

Is there any way to recover the rules/schedules and thermostat settings?

If the devices are deleted from the panel, when you re-add them they will have new device node ids and can only be treated as new devices by ADC. You would just need to go in and reconfigure the desired rules.

We’ve actually had 2 or three reports now of this happening on the old 1.10 firmware for 2GIG. It looks like your panel is also using that firmware. It may be good to update to a more recent version. It looks like a firmware update cable was included in the original related purchase.