Z-Wave Devices Menu - PC Controller?

Doing some troubleshooting this morning. I’m looking at the z-wave menu/devices. There’s one called ‘PC Controller’(node 1, ID: unknown, manufacturer: unknown)

Is that the 2gig control panel itself? When I select that device it takes a minute then comes back and says it cannot retrieve device settings.

The reason I’m troubleshooting is because after adding an image sensor (ADC-IS-200), my front door shows as open all the time. That triggers an alert for that then after 10 minutes an alert for the t-stat. I have the t-stat set to change settings upon leaving the door open for 10 minutes, so that one is normal.

So I need to figure out why adding the image sensor makes stuff go crazy. I have it uninstalled from the panel at the moment.

Zwave would have nothing to do with the sensor signals, they use a different radio.

I see the door as reporting open currently. Is that the case or is it still not reporting correctly? Can you check and make sure that when adding the IS the first time you didn’t accidentally alter the loop of the door sensor?

Commonly when a sensor does not report close after opening it indicates a loop issue.

It was reporting as closed until just a minute ago. I still have the image sensor out, but the door is reporting open again. It’s currently on loop 2.

Oh, I forgot. ‘Services/Z-Wave/Toolbox/Advanced Toolbox/View Controllers/’

This is where I see the PC controller entry.

If you are on site, can you double check to make sure the door sensor was not physically affected in any way. (magnet isn’t loose/gap is less than half inch, etc.)

First thing I did. Nothing has been moved or is loose. They’re on there pretty good.

Would you mind if I sent a reboot command to the panel? Then we can test opening and closing the sensor again

Sure, but as of me re-adding the IS the error hasn’t happened (yet).

I’m looking at the z-wave menu/devices. There’s one called ‘PC Controller'(node 1, ID: unknown, manufacturer: unknown

Do you have a wireless siren? The controller is for the zwave devices. The “unknown” manufacturer/ID for the zwave PC Controller means nothing.

... the door is reporting open again. It’s currently on loop 2...

Verify the programming for the door and IS.

I can tell you right now though, that if it is a DW20R (recessed) and you have it programmed as loop2, then it is programmed improperly. It should be loop1

The window contacts are loop2
The PIR Image Sensor is loop1

Yes, the loop number would be 2 for a surface door sensor, but if it is recessed DW20 it should be 1.

Can you open and close the sensor and the panel responds accordingly?

A surface contact (e.g., DW10), using the wire leads for a wired switch or sensor (e.g., overhead garage door reed switch) will also be loop1

Another thing to keep in mind when you add new zones is that if you delete a zone and add another where that one previously was, or move zone devices the descriptors will get messed up on alarm.com and with CS. So try not to program a new zone device where a previous zone device existed.

For example, say zone 12 is front door, and zone 9 is motion detector.

You remove zone 12, and add a new IS, and then delete zone 9, and add the front door as zone 13.

Now its all jacked up. Every time motion activates, it will give a notification for “front door open”.

I have the surface one. Simple install, just large part on door and skinny magnet on frame.

It registers the front door opening & closing in the history, but still says door is left open.

Got my IS all squared away and mounted also. Working good.

I actually have a recessed one in the back door and have that on loop 1.

This is what you have? If so, loop2 is correct

Take a pic and what is the spacing of the magnet? Is it less than 1/2"? Are the markings lined up on both switch and magnet?

I took the magnet out of the case because with the case it was too wide to fit on the outer frame.

Here’s a pic of the setup. Has been working for some time now, been acting up within the last few days.

Figured I’d take a look inside. I don’t think I have the same unit as you riven. Here’s a shot of mine from the inside. Also, when I took the cover off it reported a low battery. That must be what the problem is.

Yes, a low battery issue can cause a number of problems. Did your panel report it as low in the recent past?

Actually, it didn’t report low until I removed it from the door. Will get some batteries & report back.

Thanks guys. ???