Z-Wave Devices Malfunctioning

My Z-Wave devices have been reporting a malfunction for a little while, what can I do?

Happy to help! Commands have been sent to update your Z-wave networks current status and it appears that these devices have been disassociated from panel programming and that no Z-Wave devices are learned into the panel at this time. is that correct?

If so, you can learn in each Z-Wave device into the panel, place them in their final installation points and then run a Network Rediscovery. Any change?

To add a Z-Wave Device: Services-> Z-Wave -> Wrench Icon -> Add Device then trigger the Z-Wave devices inclusion mode.

Be sure to run a Z-wave network rediscovery whenever Z-Wave devices have been added or removed from the network. Services-> Z-Wave -> Wrench Icon -> Advanced Toolbox -> Network Rediscovery.