Z-wave device issues on ADC account

My Zwave devices not correct on Alarm.com. The Linear Zwave dimmer does not show as a light switch (show just as a zwave device) and my Aeon Labs Minimote show up as a light switch when it shouldn’t. Under emPower -> Devices, the minimote device type says zwave controller and zwave light and the actual light switch just says zwave device.

The above issue is one that I am having.

All devices look correct on the 2gig panel itself.

The light switch can be controlled from the panel. and the Minimote shows as a secondary controller.

Minimote is only required for associating/pairing the linear 3 way switches, not for the single dimmers (that’s my understanding anyways)

Yes I have 2 linear 3 way switches (WT00Z) associated to the dimmer switch (WD500Z). I used the minimote for this. The 3 way switches control the dimmer correctly. The dimmer is listed under lights at the 2gig panel and control works.

On Alarm.com, The Minimote shows up as a light (which it is not), and the dimmer is not listed in the lighting section of ADC. Under devices on ADC, all the devices are listed, but the Types listed are not correct. The minimote shows up as “zwave controller, zwave light”. The Dimmer only says “zwave device”.

Alarm.com is actually aware of a fairly universal issue regarding this. New Linear switches are not registering properly. It is currently being worked on. I will be notified of resolution and update this thread.

I just wanted to add myself to the list of customers with the issue of Linear switch WD500Z showing on ADC as a “device” but not a “light” - see attached. Unless I’m missing something this seems to mean that I can’t actually do anything with it on ADC.

Is there any idea of how long it will take to fix this? Currently most of what I want to use ADC for is useless because none of my switches show up correctly. Is there any way we can make our issue know directly to ADC so they are aware how many paying customers are having this issue?

We’ve been pushing on this hard. Their post to dealers implies they’re working towards a swift response, but I am going to try to get more of an ETA from them tomorrow.

We’ve been notified by ADC that the issue pertaining to Linear lighting Zwave devices not being seen through ADC has been resolved. See below.

“11/17/2014 9:30 ET - This has been resolved. All Linear branded Z-Wave lights are working as they should. No reinstallation is required of those previously not displaying properly.”

Please update us if you are still experiencing an issue.

Thanks Jason, it is resolved for me with no additional action required.

Thanks for the update. It is fixed for me as well.