Z Wave Blinds


Anyone out there with a zwave blind?

We just got one, and the panel 4 detects it as a light. That’s not a huge issue because it still opens and closes.

The bigger issue is when you tap to open the blind, it only opens half way. You then need to move the slider bar, completely to the right for the blind to fully open.

It’s worth noting that when it opens the slider moves to roughly the halfway point, so the panel is well aware the blind is not fully open.

Finally I’ve set a schedule for the blinds on Alarm.com but notice that sometimes it doesn’t work. Any ideas how to remedy this?

Looks like the device is named Light, but is reporting in Alarm.com as as Shade. You should be able to change the name, if desired, via the Shades card from the Alarm.com website homes creen.

As for the schedule, You have two schedules for the same time/action. It is recommended to only have one, having multiples of the same time/type can cause unexpected issues.

Which schedule is experiencing issues?

Part of the issue may be that the Shade is the only Z-Wave device associated with your panel. Depending on distance from panel, commands may not be firing correctly. You may need a repeating node.

More information on Z-Wave networks can be found here:

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Well of course when I go back to check there are two schedules for Blinds_Up. :grinning:

Weirdly when deleting one, both were deleted. I’ve added it back now so hopefully we will see it work.

The weird issue is that it only opens half way, not completely. In the automation schedule there is not even an option to set how far the blind opens. When closing, it will happily close all the way. We are forced to manually go to the panel and move the slider to completely open the blind.

When I get a chance, I’ll try to unpair the blind and reconnect it.

Let us know if clearing then repairing resolves this issue. By the sound of it, the default is 50%