Z-Wave Automation Rule Based on Temperature

Is there a way to turn on my zwave outlet when my thermostat reaches a certain temperature and turn the outlet off when the temp drops? Thanks

Thermostat activity cannot be used to trigger lighting or receptacle devices in Alarm.com. We have requested this functionality as a feature update.

There would be a work-around option for this, which would require using a separate thermostat. A simple battery thermostat (non-Zwave) can be used with a relay like the RBSNTTL to open and close a wired circuit connected to the wired input of a DW10. The DW10 would be programmed as a non-reporting sensor (type 23) and you would set up a rule in Alarm.com to turn off the outlet when the sensor is tripped (which is when the temperature thresholds of the Tstat are reached.)

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