Yale YRL236 smart lock and Qolsys 4 programming

I purchased Yale YRL236 smart lock as it is on the list of approved locks with ADC… and now wanted to program it to Qolsys 4. I have a couple of questions:

  1. do I need to add the lock to myQ app first before trying to program to Qolsys panel?
  2. If I do, do I need to purchase myQ Smart hub?
  3. if not, what is the key sequence on the smart lock for it to be discovered by the Qolsys panel when adding as Zwave device… no matter what I press, including a master code, Qolsys 4 panel does not see it when I click Include and while it is searching? The Smart lock does not have a pound key and all online videos reference the key sequence involving pound key.
  1. do I need to add the lock to myQ app first before trying to program to Qolsys panel?

No program it to the Qolsys panel directly, the myQ app is irrelevant. Z-Wave device and sensor programming should be done at the panel directly.

Z-Wave programming for the IQ Panel can be found here:

Inclusion/Exclusion instructions for your lock are found in the manual.

Tyler, thank you. I tried the following:

  • placing the lock into inclusion mode as described in the attached screenshot.
  • prior to that I also tried clearing it but the function would not work (one with pressing 3* at the end) as it may have not been previously enrolled in parent network
    No matter if I try to include, exclude or clear, the Qolsys 4 panel does not recognize the Yale YRL236 lock. I also tried resetting it to factory setting (which i know it does as previously silent key option disappears) and re-establishing a new master code… no luck with connecting as a Zwave device on Qolsys 4.

Can you provide a photo of the lock you are using and a photo of the Z-wave module installed in it?

Thank you, that explains it. You do not have a Z-wave module in that lock.

That module is for use with Chamberlain MyQ. MyQ garage doors are compatible in Alarm.com, but MyQ has been trying their hand at creating their own ecosystem as well, and your lock module is made for MyQ hubs.

To pair it with your system you would need a Z-wave module.

thank you so much.