Yale Real Living Problems

I purchased a 2gig system to put in my house. Everything works great except my Yale lock. I was using this lock for sometime without utilizing the z-wave. I followed the instructions to pair the lock and after trying for a couple hours I finally got everything to pair. The problem is that the lock will only work if the panel is right next to it. If i walk away 5 feet from it in clear sight no obstructions it will not get a signal from the lock or control any of its functions. I assume its possible that the radio is bad but is it the panels radio that isn’t working or the locks?

If it was working correctly you should be able to get at least 30ft with line of sight, usually more than that. Enrolling the lock should take a minute or two, not a couple hours. Which step in the enrollment was taking so long?

Have you tried enrolling any other z-wave devices with the control panel? It’s tough to determine which end the problem is on with only 1 z-wave device.

If it comes down to trial and error, here are some things to try:

  • Swap the z-wave module in the lock with a new one and see if that helps. Is the lock still under warranty?
  • Try another z-wave device and see if it works at longer distances.
  • Try the lock on another z-wave controller and see if it works then.

It took so long because I finally discovered that I needed to be right up next to the lock. The lock is still under warranty. I’ll try to get another device to test to nail down the problem.