Yale Locks out of synchronization

I added all other locks and even had them all set near panel during sync, I tried sync a few times and each time one will show out of synchro
it’s currently showing “front door” out of synchro
But when testing codes all locks are working codes Except the “driveway” door this lock currently neither code works on unit

I am wondering if we are dealing with two separate issues. I believe the out of synchronization message has always listed the first lock in Node order. I’m curious if the issue is actually occurring on the Driveway as you say but ADC’s error message is pulling the wrong device name.

Otherwise this behavior does not make any sense. I am forwarding the details to Alarm.com and discussing it with them.

Can you confirm that right now the Driveway is still the only lock with codes not working at the lock?

Hello, just tested all locks and yes currentley the “driveway” lock has only one of the two codes working on it. all other locks currently work with two codes….

Hello, just checking back in to see if you received any additional information in this issue?

I’ve not received a follow up yet from ADC. I was told they are testing the reported behavior. I will follow up with them to see if there is any update.

Sounds great and thank you!