Yale Locks out of synchronization

I added all other locks and even had them all set near panel during sync, I tried sync a few times and each time one will show out of synchro
it’s currently showing “front door” out of synchro
But when testing codes all locks are working codes Except the “driveway” door this lock currently neither code works on unit

I am wondering if we are dealing with two separate issues. I believe the out of synchronization message has always listed the first lock in Node order. I’m curious if the issue is actually occurring on the Driveway as you say but ADC’s error message is pulling the wrong device name.

Otherwise this behavior does not make any sense. I am forwarding the details to Alarm.com and discussing it with them.

Can you confirm that right now the Driveway is still the only lock with codes not working at the lock?

Hello, just tested all locks and yes currentley the “driveway” lock has only one of the two codes working on it. all other locks currently work with two codes….

Hello, just checking back in to see if you received any additional information in this issue?

I’ve not received a follow up yet from ADC. I was told they are testing the reported behavior. I will follow up with them to see if there is any update.

Sounds great and thank you!

Good Afternoon, checking if ADC ever had any updates on this issue? Im still experiencing “sync” errors

I’ve had one update confirming that they were having trouble replicating this. It looks more like an issue specific to that driveway lock.

With the name changes and various locks showing the sync error incorrectly, I am curious, can you confirm if the Driveway lock was factory reset? If not please try removing that lock and factory resetting it.

Originally it looks like the lock that was reset was first labeled Mudroom. Not sure if you factory reset all of them or not.

Hello, thanks so much for reply. So i just factory reset all four locks removed them from the system and then added all four back to system. I had all four stay in the vicinity of the alarm and have tried re synching the user codes but they are still showing sync errors. the one currently showing is saying “mudroom” is out of sync. when testing the user codes on locks. upon testing the 2 user codes on the four locks the “garden” and “driveway” both codes work. The “mudroom” and “front door” no codes work .
Let me know thoughts and thanks

Are those devices back in their permanent spots? When is the last time the batteries were replaced?

I am not seeing any errors in the user list right now. Is this issue still occurring?

Yes locks are now back in there actual places, guessing you were not seeing error this am because I tried a re sync command again this am. But it failed again and is currently saying “driveway” sync issue prior to that error I think it was a different lock maybe “Mudroom”…. Batteries were all new alarm is saying they all have like 90%

Alright, thank you for confirming the batteries. Unfortunately most of those locks show poor link quality and Alarm.com will only recommend adding repeaters to improve the network first and foremost, especially now that multiple locks show the issue and not just the same one (also with both codes instead of just one).

In order to really have a base line we need to see the repeaters and test the signal in ADC, verify communication is solid, then view the code transfer.

I have other locks & chips if need to troubleshoot something specific

Do you have different Z-wave modules for those yale locks you could test?

Is the poor link quality showing only while locks are mounted in their actual locations? as it seemed when i pulled them all and had them all temp arranged together I still experienced the sync issues?.
I have tried swapping the z wave chip with a new one on multiple locks but did not resolve issue.
What is options to increase repeaters for ADC?
in past i had made the panel an additional controller for smart things as property has lots of z wave light switches etc and I thought that it would then possibly use the existing switches as repeaters……
Let me know thoughts & thanks

AC powered Z-wave devices in the same network will act as repeaters. After adding the devices to the network and running a network rediscovery we can test link quality again and see if there is significant improvement.

If you successfully link the SmartThings as a primary-secondary controller network, the device list of compatible devices would be shared, but to rule out issues I would recommend pairing directly with the alarm panel instead.

So I tested something new by adding 1 aeotec rage extender 7 to panel and then put extender out by garage locks.
Panel sees extender good and signal looks good but it did not change the ability to re synch user codes as have an error currently

One repeater may just not suffice for four locks. Running a link quality test on the network, 3 of the devices including the repeater show strong signaling, two are very poor. The driveway and front door seem to have the weakest connection currently.

I added a second repeater and when i run the signal test it shows all locks now have “normal” signal strength. take a peek on you end and let me know if sufficient?

The front door lock still reports poor link quality consistently. The Driveway one has improved.