Yale lock not responding

I recently replaced batteries in my Yale lock (working flawlessly for 6 years). Since, the lock operates fine locally but has stopped responding to commands or updating status to the app and panel. However, it does respond to z-wave tests and discoveries at the panel. The lock is located 5 feet from the panel. What should I do?

Did you use the same exact battery type? One thing that sometimes causes issues is using a rechargeable or lithium battery instead of alkaline or vice versa. Yale lock models I am familiar with use alkaline.

Did you replace all the batteries at the same time? Always be sure to swap all of them at the same time, don’t mix and match old with new batteries.

My first recommendation would be to try a brand new set of batteries given the description.

Yes, replaced with all brand new batteries of the exact same type.

The next I would try is to pull the batteries and leave them out for about 5 minutes. If there is no improvement after power up, I would recommend deleting the lock and relearning into the panel.