Yale Lock Enrolling YRD216

I have an older door lock from a different system. It has not been used as a Zwave lock for awhile now. Just got new system and wanted to link it up again. I factory reset the lock to clear the old network out and cannot figure this lock out now.

When I press master +# then 7 + # the YALE light turns RED and the only number it lets me push is 3. I should be able to press 1 to enroll new network. I tried pressing 3 # then going back in again and nothing changes. Yale website and manual is no help.

That means it still retains parent network data and you need to perform a “Clear Device” or “Remove Device” first from your new panel on it.

On the IQ Panel 2+ it would be called “Clear Device” then run through the Yale programming until you press 3. The panel should acknowledge a device was cleared.

Then you can add it to the network.

Wow that was easy, I thought clearing the network was all on the lock.

As a general tip I would recommend performing a Clear/Remove on all Z-wave devices before trying to add. Even if new it is common for them to be added to a test network before shipping.