Yale Deadbolt Malfunctioning

I have a Yale Real Living touchscreen deadbolt lock on my front door, which can interface with my 2Gig system via z-wave. Up until recently, it has worked fine. Now I am getting the following error: Front Door Lock (Sensor 1200) Malfunction. The malfunction ends once I submit the command to remotely unlock/lock the door. I also am having issues with programming the lock, or having it disarm the system once a user has input the proper code into the lock (which I had working for the past year until recently).

Any suggestions on what might be wrong.

It sounds like there may be a communication issue going on here. There are a couple things that could result in this issue showing up.

The first thing I would do is run a network rediscovery. That frequently solves many communication issues with Z-Wave devices on the 2GIG panel.

1.) There has been some change or there is interference in the Z-Wave network. Have you added any cordless phones or baby monitors to the location? Both of those devices has have been known to cause interruptions on the Z-Wave network by operating along the same frequency.

Possible Solution: Add Z-Wave Repeaters to the network to increase the Z-Wave mesh and strengthen communication.

2.) Batteries could be running low. I have seen on occasion where the device registers a malfunction rather than a low battery status.

Possible Solution: Replace the batteries.

3.) Something has changed in the Z-Wave network. Have you moved or removed any Z-Wave devices that the lock may have been using as a signal repeater. This would include Z-Wave light switches, thermostats, or appliance modules.

Possible Solution: Run a Network Rediscovery on the panel.

4.) For some reason, the lock has stopped communicating with the 2GIG panel effectively.

Possible Solution: Remove the device from the Z-Wave Network and adding it back in again.

3. The little wrench in the corner. (You will need your installer code)
4. Remove Devices
5. Perform the steps to “learn” the device into the control panel.
6. You should see a message pop up on the screen that says “A device has been removed from another network.”
7. Once the lock is removed from the old network, you will be able to add it back in.
8. After you’ve added it back in to the network, run a Network Rediscovery.