Yale Assure SL Z-Wave lock always shows as "Locked" state even when unlocked


I’ve recently installed a Yale Assure SL Z-Wave lock and paired it with my 2Gig GC2 panel. The lock and unlock commands from the panel always work perfectly and there aren’t any Z-Wave errors shown (except when I removed the lock batteries as a test); the only issue is that the lock status is always reported as Locked on the panel, even when it’s actually unlocked. The lock’s outside keypad correctly reports the locked / unlocked status, so I don’t think it’s a calibration issue and the deadbolt moves freely.

I didn’t encounter any pairing issues, and I had the lock within 6 inches of the panel while pairing. I also tried a “rediscover network” command on the panel.

Any ideas? Yale support thinks it’s an issue on 2Gig’s side.

Thanks :slight_smile:

OK, I will answer my own question for the benefit of anyone experiencing the same issue, since this lock is fairly popular. On a hunch, I disabled the lock’s automatic re-lock feature and the lock now correctly reports its status to the panel. It seems that if the auto re-lock option is enabled, the lock always reports Locked status. So that’s that :-).


Thank you for following up! I’ll do some testing to see if we can recreate this and confirm, but I can see how auto-relock could throw it off. I generally do not recommend that feature, especially for deadbolts where it can cause accidental damage to the lock and frame.