XCVR2 Firmware Upgrade Question

I am planning to purchase a TS1 as well as the XCVR2 communicator. My main panel (CP21-345) was flashed to V1.17.0.3.

After I install the XCVR2 and power up both panels will the TS1 update the XCVR2 or must I also purchase the UPCBL2 cabble?

Thank you

The XCVR2 does not have or require firmware updates. The TS1 would need to be the corresponding firmware version for (TS1 would be 1.16)

If the TS1 you purchase is older than 1.16 firmware, you would need an update cable to update it first before it can connect to the panel.

However, if you are ordering from suretyDIY we can confirm TS1s being shipped at this point all have 1.16 firmware.

Excellent info. Thank you for clarifiying this for me.

Certainly, let us know if we can be of further help!