x170-VZ cellular Module is 3G?

I saw one posting that said “get the x-177” for full features.
I’m not using zwave, just want a 3G module.

Is the Verizon x170-vz 3G or no?

Thank You.

Yes, modules 170 and up are 3G. There are no Verizon options that aren’t if that is the carrier you are going with.

The verizon map shows strong in my area. Is there any reason to question the Verizon map? I’m in high mountains and it’s an annomoly. But I’m downtown and we do get good reception if there is in fact service. I’ve used Net10 CDMA phones which work fine here. (Info Removed By Admin)

No, the maps are pretty much the best indicator. Machine to Machine communication (the panel uses) won’t correlate well with phone service quality all the time, and machine to machine typically has better reach.

Is there some reason a previous post recommended to “go with x177 or higher”? It was for ATT. I see x170-VZ is listed as zwave capable. Asking before buying.

regarding ATT:

“You will want to contact the seller of this module as it is not usable. Inform them that you require an HSPA 3G (if you want to stick with AT&T) and that the firmware designation on the sticker needs to be X177 or higher (for the latest features and 3G)”

I believe X182 is now the latest, would have to double check on that, but yes, the 170 would theoretically work and is Zwave compatible.

Newer devices will require a newer module, the firmware on the modules cannot technically be upgraded, so it is always recommended to get the latest you can.

One last caveat is that certain modules that have gone unused for a couple years are being discontinued so old stock doesn’t continue to circulate. I’m not sure where the 170 is coming from or when it was manufactured or if it has been used. It may be better to get the newest possible. (I would always recommend it)

Ok, but a used 3G one that has been working should be fine? I plan on buying a used functioning one.

Please clarify “certain modules that have gone unused for a couple years are being discontinued”

In other words they could be discontinued from ADC compatibility? or just no longer sold new from manufacturer? Could a working 3G unit suddenly loose compatibility with ADC? I understand that buying the latest greatest is always safe, but is somewhat impractical and maybe overkill. Thanks.

As I understand it, some of the 3G modules which were originally produced and have not been connected to an account for an extended period can in fact be deactivated through the carrier. This would only occur on very old stock that has been on shelves for years, so if you trust the vendor and you found a good deal, it may be worth a shot. The X170 would represent the first model of 3G units though, so it is worth consideration.

Thank You, Jason.

After much frustration all around in trying to get 3 separate modules to work, one of them a Verizon X170-VZ 3G, I purchased an X177-VZ and it works without issue. 3G models definitely DO NOT always work. For Verizon, go for the X177 or higher as was previously recommended. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.