Worthwhile image sensor for IQ4 panel?

I currently have the PowerG image sensor and frankly it’s hot garbage. The pictures are so blurry there’s no way you could even tell if the house is on fire unless the lighting is absolutely perfect. It has the ability to be adjusted to be useful, but like withnkost PowerG sensors those features aren’t available on a Qolsys panel, only the Neo sadly.

Looking around it seems there used to be an option for a qolsys image sensor but that it’s not compatible with the IQ 4. Not seeing anything else out there, am I missing something?

PowerG image sensors are the compatible models with the IQ Panel 4.

All image sensors transmit lower res images over the PowerG RF. For HD clips, consider using a video camera.

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I do not have Wi-Fi and have no plans to have it in the future. Are the older Qolsys sensors compatible? If not, do you know of anything usable in the works? I don’t need HD, I would be more than happy just being able to tell if a door is open or if there is smoke in the house. Without perfect lighting wven this is impossible wirh the PowerG sensors.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 4 does not have an Image Sensor daughter card like some of the older models of Qolsys did, so it will not work with those older Image Sensors from Qolsys or Alarm.com.

It only works with the PowerG PIR - Camera Detector PG9934 and PowerG Outdoor PIR - Camera Detector PG9944. At this time there are no announced plans for an alternate Image Sensor.

You can review the guide below for a list of tested compatible sensors. Compatibility would be dependent on the model of IQ Panel 4 that you are currently using.

This is what I feared. Thanks for your assistance, I appreciate it.