Working with hardwired contacts - wired in series

Hello. This forum is a fantastic source. I am planning to replace a older Brinks system (BHS-3000c panel, two BHS-3101 keypads, hardwired sensors).

I’ve studied the 2GIG Takeover module super switch wiring because I would like to make use of as many wired sensors as I can. My hard wired contacts are:

  • 4 doors
  • 16 windows.
    The current panel has them wired in series to 8 zones and they are labeled. However, one zone includes 4 windows and a sliding glass door. In my new system I would prefer to have each door individually. How difficult is it to identify which pair in the series is the sliding glass door, remove it from the series, and then combine the remaining windows into a series?

(note: the wiring from each sensor is home run to the panel. I included a drawing of my existing wiring (mine does not have EOL resisters)).


PS: I read that the new 2GIG control panel is supposed to be released in November. I assume it is work the wait. Thoughts?


If they’re all home run then it’s not hard. Separate them so they’re not wired together anymore (but label them so you can keep track of which is which). Close all the windows and open the door. Measure the resistance on all of them. The door will be infinite resistance and the windows will be near 0Ω resistance.

2GIG has not given any release date for the GC3. We can’t substantiate that rumor. Sadly, I do not find it to be likely given the lack of first hand detailed info at this point.

But yes, you would need to determine if the sensors in series are wired that way in wall or home run back at the panel (each sensor has a wire going directly to it, series wiring is inside metal can)

Ryan, Jason, Thank you for the quick reply. The information on the suretyDIY site is really awesome. My wired sensors are home run back to the original panel and I have studied them enough that I’m confident I can figure out how to combine them into more logical zones.

The original panel has power to 2 keypads. I’ve read that the Qolsys IQ panel likes a narrow range of power. What is the best way to test the existing wiring to see if I can hardwire the IQ panel using the existing wiring? I estimate the run is about 25’.

My current design is:
To start:
Qolsys IQ
Hardwire 16
Image Sensor PIR Motion

Add later:
glass break
flood sensor
Kwikset Lock

At 25 feet you will probably want to use all four conductors (I assume it is 22/4 wire). Two for + two for -.

You should be ok at that point.

In case it still runs into trouble, you can likely tie on a larger gauge wire and use the existing as a pull string.

You wouldn’t be able to use a 25 foot run for an IQ2 though, unfortunately, just an fyi for the future.