Wiring for Carbon Monoxide with Elk-110

I would like to know the proper wiring directions for a carbon monoxide sensor with an Elk-110.

My alarm system is a DSC Neo HS 2032 with PMG 1 & 2 unoccupied. I know that the white wire for the Elk-110 is for a carbon monoxide alert.

I understand with the four-wire carbon monoxide sensor that the red wire goes to AUX,
yellow and green to the zone but I’m not sure where the black wire from the carbon monoxide sensor will go and I’m also not sure where the white wire from the Elk-110 goes.

By the way, the carbon monoxide sensor that I’m looking at is a Macurco CM-E1.

Thank you!

We do not normally provide support for Elk products. Surety is a DIY Alarm.com service provider. I can direct you to the manual here.

You wouldn’t be wiring the CO detector any differently, its black wire would connect to the GND/COM on the alarm panel.

As for the white wire on the ELK, looks like that is used as a positive switched trigger input, meaning you would need a PGM which applies 12VDC on that wire when activated.

I don’t believe the DSC PGMs do that. Based on its manual it sounds like they switch the negative side. You may need a separate relay as well to use that white wire trigger on the ELK110.

I would recommend contacting ELK manufacturer support for assistance to be 100% sure

Thank you Jason, for your reply and I do understand that you do not cover support for DSC and Elk.

Could you answer this question maybe? What normally are PGM1 and PGM 2 dedicated for?
Maybe PGM1 for carbon and PGM2 for smoke??

By the way, I did contact Elk and they do not cover support for connecting their products to various alarm panels. And DSC only gives tech support to their dealers and contractors.

PGMs have about 40 different programmable functions I believe.

PGM2 has more available current (300ma) and is configurable as an input for 2-wire wired smoke detectors. Other PGMs are 50ma outputs.

By the way, I did contact Elk and they do not cover support for connecting their products to various alarm panels

Gotcha, that’s too bad. Well, just based on the manuals it seems like for what you are referencing with a unique CO trigger using that white wire you would need:

Panel PGM and AUX trigger a third party 12VDC relay on CO activation. > 12VDC relay switches +12VDC to white wire.

Jason, Thank you for your well informative input. I’m going to move forward and with your information and since I am a DIY I will make positively sure I do it right the first time. I’m in no hurry to do this but I do have the alarm installation bug so I’ll research everything very carefully including proper and compatible CO or maybe even a combination smoke and CO. Thank you again so very, very much!!!