Wiring assistance

We have four colored wires at the monitor at home, black, red, green, white. Does white one hook up to anything?

Happy to help! In order to assist we will need a bit more info.

What model of device are you referring to? Are you working with an Alarm control panel? Is it a thermostat?

Please provide the model number and we would be happy to help with any wiring help. If there are any questions regarding the model please go ahead and post a photo of the device here, that will help as well!

Its a 2G1G panel, serial number 0019A512.

Unless you have additional items connected, the 2GIG Panel would only be wired for power.

In general it is important to remember that wire color doesn’t actually mean anything. While in many applications wires are commonly color coded, you can use any wire for any application.

In this case, is the other end of the white wire also connected to your power supply? It’s purpose would 100% depend on how it is connected at the other end.

This is the 2GIG Power supply. do you have a single conductor going to each power terminal or is it doubled up with two connected to each?