Wiring a 2GIG Panel

I’m looking at your 2gig system for a DIY install. The only thing I can’t seem to find is about the power connection. I see videos on how to connect the panel to a some type of plug. But that seems kind of strange to me since the panel goes in the wall, and then it’s supposed to come back out and plugged into an outlet? Am I looking at this the wrong way?

This isn’t unique to 2Gig panels (or security systems for that matter).

The panel is powered off of a 14 volt plug in transformer. More often than not, full service installation runs the wiring down into a basement. If this is impossible, there are a number of other options depending where you decide to install the panel. (Or you could just use the desktop stand and not worry about wiring).

If you are interested in keeping the plug in transformer in wall, here is a thread where one of our other DIYers has an impressive solution.