Wireless translator

We have an ADT DSC Impassa that came with our home, but would like a Honeywell Lynx 5200.
Would the Resolution RE224DH translator be able to achieve this?
The sensors are 433 mhz (windows are # WS4945).
I was told by one company it would not, and we would need to replace the entire system, or get a new Impassa panel.

Ah, well sure it would. I’d recommend instead a 2GIG Go!Control panel and suretyDIY service since the same translator would work for that :slight_smile: but yes, as long as the sensors aren’t the older 900 DSC wireless they would be translated.

Some companies (typically if they require contracts) will be less receptive to reusing existing equipment.

Note that wireless life safety (smoke, CO) would not be translated and would need replaced.

I’m looking at the 2GIG as we speak :slight_smile:
I originally selected Honeywell, but just found out it won’t work with my Honeywell wifi thermostat! That makes no business sense.
Thank you very much for clarifying that for me!!