Wireless Thin Sensor keeps falsing

I am having issues with one window. Its the only sensor that falses. About 1 time a month or so. This is the 2GIG thin wireless contact. I have already replaced the sensor with a new one and it still falses. I did not replace the magnet though and don’t an extra one. I am thinking a stronger magnet might help?

It seems to happen on windier days, but I am not sure. I took pictures so you can see how everything lines up nicely. I have other sensors that are not line up nearly as well and they never false.

I put washers under the receiver unit to make space so it lines up better with the magnet. I am at a loss and I obviously can not have this window falsing.

This last time, the alarm was not on and it annouced window open and on the panel it showed the contact open even though when I looked at the window it was totally closed and everything was lined up.

Perhaps 2 bad sensors I received in a row?

Its installed wrong. The gap cannot be greater than 1/2", also you must line up the marks on magnet and sensor.

Install like this:

Or like this (if space permits)

That picture is of the window open to show where the placement of magnet is. The other picture shows it closed and the magnet is so snug you can’t even see it

Sorry for not being clearer

Show a clear picture of sensor In a closed state

Check programming…What loop at you using? Is that window metal, are the washers metal?

Can’t show magnet in closed state. The picture without magnet is it closed and it’s in there tight

Window is metal and so are washers. The washers are copper. It was falling before the washers too. The other windows that never false and have the magnet not so close in closed state are the same metal

Relocate the magnet and sensor as suggested. see if it resolves your issues. You can get the doublesided sticky tape at lowes for reattachment. Also, check and verify that programming is correct.

Ps- I cant really tell from pic, but if you have the magnet at very bottom of lower sash, and sensor on window sill/ledge, that is a bad installation location. It is potentially exposed to rain, and moisture )when window is open fully or partially), dust, etc, (all of which can damage and affect the sensor’s functionality).

Even if it is to the side, it is still exposed to elements when window is open.

Relocate all your potentially exposed sensors. They are not weather/water proof. Or one day, you may have to replace them because they got wet.

its on loop 2. The magnet is perfectly within the 2 lines. If you look at the closed picture you can barely see the magnet at it is right in there

I guess I could try relocating it. But I have about 10 windows with it mounted in the same location without isse.

If this sensor is at the base of the window (it appears that way) I would strongly recommend moving it. As stated above, the sensor is not weatherproof, and can be damaged if the window is left open or leaks.

Where is this sensor in relation to the others that you have installed in this fashion? Is it further from the panel than the others? It would be exceptionally rare to get 2 bad sensors in a row.

Keep in mind orientation of the sensors can matter regarding signal strength. Typically tilting them a different direction doesn’t show any appreciable effect because the signal is more than strong enough either way, but when tucked into the corner of a metal window, you are more likely to notice issues.

It is at the very top of the window, not the bottom. There is one wall and the window between it and it is 50 feet from the base. The magnet lines up right night to the sensor. In the pictures from Rive, he shows the sensor to the top of the sensor (it does not rest flush like mine does).

I live in S Cal. We don’t get much weather and freezing to us is 51 degrees F.

This is mounted the exact same way as they other windows in the same place

Before you assume all the other similarly installed sensors are fine, put your system in walk test and check the signal strength.

As your batteries weaken, signal strength will deteriate, if you don’t have signals like this (5/5 green bars), if signals are poor or in the red, then expect premature failure, and malfunction loss of supervision errors sooner than is normal.

I still think that part of your issue is the way you have installed the sensors (and other issues that may be causing signal degradation)

Sensors are fine and this one in particular has all 5 bars and the check mark.

Where should I relocate this to?

Do you think it could be the magnet? I replaced the sensor about2-3 months ago so battery should be fine, but I didnt replace the magnet. Can’t find the spare magnet. Maybe a stronger magnet? Where can I get my hands on just one stronger magnet

Hmm, so …

Signal is good, but it just falses for no reason, and is not properly reporting to panel, this is the second dw10 that is behaving the same exact way…

I have already replaced the sensor with a new one and it still falses
...it annouced window open and on the panel it showed the contact open even though when I looked at the window it was totally closed and everything was lined up.

Remove the sensor completely from programming,and set it aside along with the magnet

Take an existing sensor (that is not having issues), and place it where the removed/troublesome was. Make sure to include the magnet.

See if the problem resolves or reoccurs

If the issue happens frequently enough, a good test might be to swap the locations of two sensors, A: the one that is malfunctioning, and B: a known working one.

If A continues to malfunction and B does not, that indicates the sensor is likely to blame (which is strange as this would be the second in a row.)

If B now malfunctions then there is likely an issue with the location.

***Also, keep in mind that the strength of the magnet can be affected by metal and the magnet’s orientation with regard to that metal. Repositioning the sensor so the magnet’s base is the only side adjacent to metal may be beneficial.