Wireless smokes using house power?

Does anyone make such a thing? I have two hardwired sensors, non interconnected. I was thinking it’d be nice to be able to use those with the system. Less worry about battery changes, and the mounts are already in place.

Not that I’m aware of but you could put a FireFighter next to each of your wired smokes. If they were interconnected you would only need 1 FireFighter but you can cover 2 non-connected wired smokes with 2 FireFighters.

That’s the 2GIG compatible model. If you have a Qolsys panel, Encore Controls also makes a GE/Interlogix compatible FireFighter. I assume we’ll be carrying that very soon.


Thought about that, but cost wouldn’t really be effective at that point. I’d be better off just getting all new smokes, just figured I see if anyone had such a thing.

I hear ya. I’ve looked for such a smoke detector myself for the same reasons. I’ve considered rigging up wired power supplies to the battery terminals of a wireless smoke detector but I’m afraid doing so would probably void the UL listing which outweighs any benefit of doing it in the first place.