Wireless Slave Switch


I am looking for a solution for a light switch I have connected behind a couch, that I would like to control with a remote or slave switch that runs off batteries (wireless). Any suggestions are appreciated.


While overkill if this is your only lighting automation, I would highly recommend doing a Lutron Caseta system, which can be integrated to the Alarm.com portal. You could get the P-BDGPRO-PKG1W, which would include the bridge, an in-wall dimmer that can drive LEDs, and a wireless remote that can be used on its own or could be mounted to the wall.

That would give you automation and control of lights, shades, etc. through the alarm.com app and their own app. You could use Alexa or Siri for the lights etc.

To note, for a plug-in lamp you will want a receptacle for dimming use like this) to be compliant with electrical codes for dimming).

I use and install the big brother RadioRA 2 system, but actually the Caseta system now actually has more flexibility in many applications than the more expensive installer-only RadioRA 2.

For quick options, you might look at either the Aeon Labs Minimote, or if you like to tinker and you want a wireless wall switch you can place anywhere without the need for wiring, see the video below.

thanks Jason I will take a look at both. schalliol thanks for the info, but I have a full system of automation, this is only one new switch.

Makes sense. What platform do you use for automation?


With the minimote, can I still have control of the switch with the go panel and the remote together, or would I have to remove it from the go panel to use the remote. Hope that makes sense?

The minimote has 4 “Scene” buttons where one can simply be programmed to switch on the light. The minimote is learned in as a device in the network and the scene buttons are independent of panel programming. So you would still have standard 2GIG control.

Excellent thanks Jason…

I have the 2Gig go panel with zwave

Gotcha. Just thinking that you said you have full automation. I guess Zwave does a bit

I guess I am a novice when it comes to this…I knowledge is only based o the go panel and alarm.com…I have lights, doors, thermostats and garages all controlled…not sure what more I would need…

That covers a lot of it for sure. There are some more sophisticated control one could have with better timing, nuanced lighting, AV integration, HomeKit/Siri, Alexa control etc. It’s true GC is the best alarm panel out there.

Jason I have everything done but entering the sensor into the panel. The video was a little brief on how it is entered into the go panel. Can you tell me what setting need to be chosen for the video above…thanks

Are you referring to the video using a DW10 and a wall switch?

The DW10 would be as follows:

type: (23) no response
equipment type: (1) contact
Code: 2GIG Thin Door/Window
Serial #: Shift Learn, trip sensor
Age: (0) new
Loop: 1
dialer delay: (0) disabled
voice descriptor: whatever you wish
reports (1) enabled
supervised (1) enabled
chime: probably not necessary in this case

yes thank you

I am having a problem with this switch. It is not turning the light on and off. I am able to do so via the panel and phone app, but not through the slave switch. I put the panel into test mode and the switch is working. Can you take a look and see if my settings are correct, they looked ok to me, its called “switch automation” in the panel #26…thanks

ok it appears it was the way it was set in Alarm.com. Now the switch turns it on and off, but its reversed. When the switch is down it is on and up it is off. How do I reverse it?

No Reply?

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If you have used a DW10 and a standard wall switch to create a wireless switch and the switch turns the light on when flipped down there are two solutions:

  1. Physically invert the switch.
  2. Change the rule logic in Alarm.com: Perform the action “Turn Off, Until the sensor Closes, then Turn back On.”

That did it…Thanks Jason