Wireless point question

I have a vista 20P with SEM installed. I would like to add #4 wireless window contact points to my system for basement windows. Can this be done and what type of window contact points should I use that would integrate to my Honeywell panel and alarm.com? I also would like to see the steps that would need to be completed for the points to be added to my system.

Do you already have wireless sensors in your system and do you have an alphanumeric keypad for programming?

I have the keypad but only wired sensors at this time.

The 20P isnt natively compatible with wireless sensors but it can be paired with a Honeywell 5881 wireless receiver. With one of these installed you can add RF 345Mhz sensors to the system. While we do not carry any of the various receivers, they can be found from a variety of vendors online.

Question what keypad do u have currently

keypad should be the 6160

6160 is an alphanumeric keypad that can be used for programming.

Ok I was gonna recommend upgrading to the 6160rf keypad