Wireless Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle not showing

On 3 Aug 17 I installed 2ea Wireless Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle (Alarm.com\empower IDs 18 & 19. Although these were duplex receptacles, they were ‘sensed’ as light. 4 hours later I’m attempting to include these devices in our home automation scheme and they aren’t showing up with mobile access although they do show up at the IQ panel. Any ideas?

r/ Steve

Often there is a delay between adding a Z-wave device and the panel updating Alarm.com with a new device. You can typically get it synced by running a cell phone test at the panel.

We sent a command requesting an updated equipment list. I do see an additional device now, but not two. Have you removed one to troubleshoot?

No, Warren, ‘Receptacles Office’ is one of the two. The other should read ‘Receptacles MasterBR’ or some such. I have a sense you’re going to want me to remove and re-add, although I am able to see both from the main panel as I respond to your query. I also gleen that it’s normal for a receptacle to be assimilated as a ‘Light’. I’ll try the cell phone test. r/ Steve

Yes, removing and re-learning the device not being found would be the next step. Follow that with a network rediscovery. Does that resolve?

I removed the offending receptacle device and re-learned the device by bringing the IQ panel to the receptacle and then going into the ‘Pairing’ process on the IQ Panel before initiating the pairing process on the receptacle. The receptacle was immediately detected and assimilated into our home automation & security system. I was flakey about the ‘network rediscovery’ step but by the time I reinstalled the IQ panel on the wall the MasterBR receptacle had registered and was detected on the Samsung Galaxy S8 as expected. Problem seems resolved? Thank you. ~ Steve