Wireless Freezer Sensor For 2gig

Is there a product out there for a wireless Freezer temp sensor to my 2gig panel? When I go away on vacation I’d like to be notified if the freezer fails so I don’t lose 200 pounds of salmon and halibut!

There are no dedicated 2GIG sensors for that sort of thing, no, but you can easily get creative with the right parts.

A temperature sensor/probe that would throw a normally closed relay at a degree point you wish to monitor could be used with the contact input on a DW10. You could use that with sensor activity monitoring then to get real time alerts if the temperature rises above X degrees. (Keep in mind the DW10 would need to be outside the freezer.)

So after some digging, I think I found the Honeywell ADEMCO 5821 will work for this. http://buy2gig.com/Ademco-5821-Wireless-Temperature-Sensor-Flood-Detector-w-470PB-Probe.html

I have never personally used that model and forgot it even had a freezer specific setting, my bad, but yes, that Honeywell sensor is a pre-built version of what I was talking about, with the bonus of adjustable function.

Install probe inside, sensor outside freezer.